„Hehehegwahahahahaaa..You wont understand X!This world is a monarchy of demons,Just like me...You nor the others will understand...You little parasites banned us from Eurasia and Mobius too!Now, we should bannish your lifes from your silly hearts...I am The Messiah!„

A Wave SA Aquatic Demon

Vital statistics
Title The Dome of water
Gender Neutral
Race Demon/Mutant
Faction Neutral
Health ”Still thinking on it„
Level ”Still thinking on it„
Status Living Fury
Location Skeleton Dome

In-Depth Story

A Wave SA Or A Wave SA Aquatic Demon is a grotesque aquatic mutant that lived in the dead river from Skeleton dome leading for long time the army of skeletons.A Wave does hold very much personality, besides that of being a bloody, tyrannical and demonic mutant that were against all the reploids.

He tents to be the single one who accepts the other species like Mutants, creatures and other species of lifeforms.

Before begining every battle, he says his only line "I am the Messiah!„ that meant that he is a supreme Godlike creature that lived in loneliness and in a isolated live

A wave does not posses any of the aligments, Evil or good making him a monotone, undecided but still tyrannical creature.

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