Vital statistics
Title Aeroblitz
Gender Male
Race DM-ian
Faction none
Health High
Level 3
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Aerblitz(Aeroblow) is an charater in megaman starforce:XD and is Dj's wizard.

Basic Information

He is from planet DM,an planet with retailes like em-ian on it,he came to earth looking for omega-xis,but found Dj instead and asked her where Omega-xis is but,she had no clue and toke her as hostage and sent an letter to Omega-xis saying to come an alone and have som unfinnished buninesss to attend,Omega-xis left with Geo following him and Aeroblitz waited for him and Omega-xis arrived and blasted an bush Geo was hiding in.Dj got angry and Said that they form Megaman shocking her and Omega-xis and Geo EM-wave change and stated fighting and Dj nearly got hit making her angry and freeing herself to as she slaps both Megaman and Aeroblitz and he said that Dj  was hyper when she toke her as hatage which made Dj angry but  he calmed her down by apologizing and then he explain that he from planet DM and was an bouinty hunter.He now as Dj wizard.


He is an combinatation of an dragon and an robot.


  • He does not like Queen Karzina.
  • He may have an wive,saying that he has kids back home.

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