"There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity, even though I have seen many people in my travels, they are among the brave!"

-Aes Gaia

Zero 1 Under Construction
"That is most unfortunate. I hid myself while trying to repair myself. I had to wait until I healed" ~ Zero

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Aes Gaia
Human/ Mega Man.
A slightly athletic build, very dark brown hair, amber eyes, slightly tanned.
Dark blue jeans with a white top with a small sword icon on his left sleeve
1.78m or 5'10
55kg or 121lb
??? (was abandoned at young age)
Align met:
Model E

Aes Gaia, also known as 'The Edge Mega Man' was abandoned at a rather young age for unknown reasons and was taken in by one of the higher members of the (will think of name later) and was raised as her own. After much consideration roughly 10 years after his so called 'adoption' (Note: He is 13 at this time), they allowed him to go on a mission, a rather basic one, but a mission nonetheless. It was a mission to deliver a data chip to the company's headquarters, and surprisingly, the mission went off without a hitch, which is a oddity for most protagonists. Eventually, slowly but surely, he mother allowed him to go on more dangerous missions. ((Will continue more))


Aes is a rather calm individual most of the time, keeping his thoughts to himself and not letting them be seen. He is rather anti-social as he has been kept away from others by his mother. When he does open up to someone however he show his true colours, he actually caring about people, he can take a honest joke and the like from his friends. He however doesn't take insults very well and responds almost immediately with rage. He is headstrong and determined to see something through.

Megaman Form Description

Aes main colour in his Megaman form is a very dark blue, much darker then X's or Leviathan's colour blue. On the outside of his forearm armor, there is a very sharp and small blades that are roughly 5 centimeters or 2 inches long that are able to slice through anything. He has 6 white 'fins' on his face in a hexagon shape around his head that angle in slightly towards his face. He also had 3 blades extending from the gaps inbetween his knuckles similar to Wolverine, but can launch them at his opponets as his main ranged attack, and can cause massive damage, the blades regrow after a 10 second time span. His boots also have blades in them, at the bottom of their sole, as a way of keeping traction on slippery surfaces such as ice and the like, but can also be used to put extra damage behind his kicks.

Techniques/ Powers

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