„Gee!...And those weneable blow-heart singer types give me a headache,Next House!„.

Ellada (Also called Antoine or Angela) were an Italian-Roman character that is playable only In France rome and italy that appears in Megaman X:World Tour.

The Capitolinian conflict

In the cutscene "The Capitolinian conflict" she meet the maverick hunters that asked if she saw These Persons.Later Lord C with Tretista Kelverian appear asking if she saw Zero and Axl.She was not anting to respond cause she was knowing who he is but she was brutally punsihed by Tretista.

The She-Wolves

In the Cutscene "The She-Wolves" she sung The Garden of angels whit some help of another Italyan friend of her after she saw the fight of The three hunters against Tretista and Lord C.

Colosseum Traiani

In the cutscene "Colosseum Traiani" She challenged Lord C to a fiight in the Colosseum that she lost.

Final Furry

In the cutscene Final furry she died saving X from Lord C.


  • She seems to be very inspired as she created new words as weneable (Translated as easily-controlable).


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