Gary Arkman
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Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorLight Brown
BirthplaceLas Vegas
RelativesArkman Jerry (twin brother), Arkman Polly (deceased), Arkman Kolly
First AppearanceGemini Man: Narcissist Soul
Alter EgoNarci Man
Theme ColorSky Blue
Gary is one of the minor characters of Technoliner.


Deceased Mother

Sarcastic Reunion

Gary ressembles that he is "gay", and also became more playful than Jerry. He knows that Jerry kissed him in his forehead when they are infants. Unfortunately, Gary is unsuccessful by taking care of Topa, Melony, and Haneshiro Moyoko, but at first wanted Hard Man to be "gay" with him, and wanted to have sex with him, but Hard Man strikes his face directly to the fourth wall. After Moyoko explains about her first adventure of Hanasaki Tsubomi, Tsukikage Yuri, and Myoudouin Itsuki, Gary questioned to her where did Kurumi Erika went, but then she was deceased several days later (Hostel Crash). The next day, Gary saw Erika, dressed up in a laced and cleared gown with her bra and panties showing, but Kurumi Momoka does not believe in him after the news went off


Gary wants to see the Golden Ticket at the Neon Arena, but Jerry starts a date with Nilla. Gary pleaded him to take him to the play, so Jerry deciced that the date will be postponed. When they arrived at the arena, the Golden Ticket was awfully closed. Gary starts complaining that it will end tomorrow, but Jerry declares that there will be another timimg this Saturday. Before Jerry changes his mind to have a date by Nilla, Gary starts to be jealous and slowly depressed.

Gary interrupts Jerry's performance at the stadium, explaning about how "gay" Jerry and Gary were. Jerry starts to lose him temper, and commands him to stay away from the performance. Gary starts to whine.

The next night, Gary starts taking revenge by Jerry, trying to take over the stadium. Jerry hurried to the stadium along with his friends, seeing Gary completely bare. Gary starts using Jerry's elements (such as the Gemini Laser), then turns himself into Wicked Man by combining the Alpha Team's appearances and their powers.

Jerry tries to tell him about their mother , who was killed by lung cancer, and their future. Gary starts sobbing to him as he soesn't want to be all alone without him. Then his revenge turns out to be beautiful.

The End of Wicked Gary

After the team, Momoka, Moyoko, and the others leave from Las Vegas, they are heading back to Japan. Gary founded Tilly as his girlfriend, both alike.

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