The assembly of the four divine lords was a group formed by the four great lords (ETC C D F H).

The four divine lords

Lord C

``Why do you keep tormenting yourself so Zero? Aren`t we ourselves souls for sale? Aren`t we ourselves tender?``

  • A very known personality in the villian line.A british reploid whit a great power and strenght.Altrough he appears in many forms, he keeps the name of ``Lord C`` .

Lord Dregg

``I will not stand down when I am to be hit!I am not needed anymore on my planet but you too!``

  • Sometimes the happy leader of Carape but just sold his soul for the safety of the inhabitians of Carape.A very mysterious personality altrought being a deadly one.

Lord Fuse

``All living things, kneel before your master!``

  • The one and only responsaible for assaulting the earth, making fusion copies of us, making the once full-of-life streets of the cities be empty.He is a tyrannt.He maked almost the earth fall and he will never hesitate to do it again.

Lord Haus

``I am not the one you should be kidding whit.You should beware who you challenge on fight!

  • Lord Haus had a part in designing Megaman,he went after Megaman upon finding out that Megaman had become a rouge robot hunter.

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