Auto, being a prototype for one of Light and Wily's experiments(see Dauto), has now come out of his shell to answer emails. He doesn't live with Doctor Light, but instead lives (and works) at a huge hardware store that he owns. So, email him already!

The New and Improved Emails!

Season One: Domo Origato, Mr. Ro-Auto




Here is the cast page for Auto Emails and the other series, Auto! This is the page with all of the Auto Biographies for the characters. Get it? Auto-Biographies? Okay, enough with the puns, onto the characters.

Auto: The main man who's a mechanic. Been helping Doc Light all the back when he was created in the third game. Yup. With him and his friends he gets into one weird adventures and then some that aren't worth mentioning...
Brick: The Author-ly type who has odd abnormal powers. Builds Robots in spare time. A Mega Man recolor of sorts.
Eddie: Auto's little helper and pet, things jump out of his head a lot. Whether its an email, something useful, or pancakes, there's always some use for it.
Mega Man: The hero. The blue bomber. The idiot. Auto's number one customer, he's always going in asking for rides or repairs or Ice Cream. Created by Doctor Thomas Light. (AKA Santa)
Bass: The villain gone hero-ish. The Fishy Dude. The even more-idiot-than-Mega Man. He was programmed to better than Mega Man at everything. Mega Man is stupid, that makes Bass stupid-er. Often referred to as Fish-Man, he likes Ice Cream and Barbecue Sauce. Barbecue Ice Cream... mmmmm
Moreth to cometh!!!

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