”Gwahahahaaaa! Mavericks:Fools, Hunters:Fools, They are making my job too easier!„

Ballom the master of death and judgement
Vital statistics
Title Ballom/Dorballom
Gender Saint
Race God
Faction Something like bad
Health Optional
Level Optional
Status Optional
Location Old Presidential

Ballom-Master of accurate pain, Fear judgement and new death or preshorted as Ballom master is a character and villian,Especially a grand enemy of the hunters.

Actually, he corrupted lots of reploids making them fight against hunters and Mavericks.Essentially, he created Alf Leyla to destroy the hunters and mavericks but he ended dying in the hands of Shin Dragon and leyla, being escaped.


-You see a world, I se a graveyard-to-be (Main quote
 -In the course of time, shaping the next turn or anticipating would be a sin (Quote form 2)

Art gallery

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