BalloonMan.EXE image
"Hey, I'm just bored-fuwa! Ya got a problem with that-fuwa?!"
Vital statistics
Title The Hot-Air Braggart
Gender Male
Race NetNavi
Faction Neutral
Health V1: 320 HP, V2: 430 HP, V3: 540 HP
Level Moderately strong
Status Solo Netnavi, Normal
Location Balloon Game PC

BalloonMan.EXE is a short balloon-like Solo NetNavi who usually serves as "comedy relief". He's normally a cocky, loud-mouthed braggart on the outside, but a dim-witted coward on the inside. Also, he ends his sentences with "-fuwa".

BalloonMan.EXE even enjoys inflating female NetNavis (and their female Operators with his "Balloonification" attack) just to have a good laugh. Of course, when he gets bored, he'll usually use his Balloonification attack to wreak havoc on female NetNavis and their female Operators just for laughs.




Here are BalloonMan.EXE's attacks.

- Balloon Parade: BalloonMan.EXE summons destroyable balloons that, instead of harming foes, block their paths instead, making this attack very troublesome to deal with. However, the balloons can easily be popped with a single attack.

- Puff Up: BalloonMan.EXE puffs himself up like in the pic to take less damage from attacks and also deal more damage until he deflates to normal size. Piercing attacks like a Needle chip or Sword-based chips will automaticaly make him go back to his regular size upon being hit.

- Balloon Tackle: BalloonMan.EXE flies in a straight line across a row of panels towards his foe in hopes of ramming into them.

- Balloonification BalloonMan.EXE summons a pink balloon that, upon being popped, inflates only female NetNavis such as SplashWoman.EXE. When inflated, the female NetNavi becomes as light and round as a ball while being temporarily unable to attack until they deflate back to her original size. Also, if the female NetNavi as a female operator, then Balloonification inflates the female operator inflates the female operator as well! Luckily, this attack doesn't affect male NetNavis and instead functions as a blinding smoke bomb to male NetNavis.

- Static Balloon: BalloonMan.EXE summons a yellow balloon that, upon popping by itself after it floats over to his opponent's side of the field, releases a cluster of sparks in a plus-shaped formation that electrocutes foes and also paralyzes them.


  • "C'mon, let's see what ya got-fuwa! I'll pulverize ya-fuwa!" (Before battling Lan and MegaMan.EXE for the 1st time)
  • "Uhh...I'll need to, up after that battle-fuwa! Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do-fuwa!" (When declining a battle)
  • "Hah, I knew it-fuwa! You're too chicken to fight against such an awesome NetNavi like me-fuwa!" (When refusing to battle against him)


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  • [1] (BalloonMan.EXE on DeviantArt, made by Raging-Banebou)

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