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Vital statistics
Title Fighting Thunder of Dr. Wily
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Himself
Health 28
Level Level
Status Status
Location Unknown

Bass, the 'strongest Robot Master'

Bass is noted as one of Wily's greatest creations, but also the most rebellious. He strives to become the strongest, and all his travels lead him to Megaman, who continuously defeats him even after all the upgrades he gets.


Since Dr. Wily passed away, Bass had been wandering the world to become the strongest Robot Master in history. Most of his travels lead him to Megaman, whom he mercilessly fights.


Bass will be a recurring miniboss, appearing in four Robot Master stages and the boss for the first Fortress stage.


He takes double damage to the weakness for the Robot Master whose stage he dwells in, but is weak to the Rush Power Adapter in the Fortress stage. Strategywise, he will fight in different strategies often involving some of Megaman's old weaponry.

For the Fortress fight against him, he takes his Treble Boost form, where he will attack with a sweeping laser, a rain of projectiles, and may also swoop down on your character.

At low health, this form splits up into several different smaller forms (Doppler Attack) that continuously fire projectiles. Hit the one with the glowing aura to damage the boss - that's the real Bass. After this case, Bass will bother you no longer.


"Why... WHY CAN'T I DESTROY YOU! EVERY DAMN TIME WE FIGHT!!" (Postbattle dialogue)


  • Bass will change color everytime he switches weapons in a similar manner to Megaman 10.

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