Enker.EXE's latest batch of chips. The Dark Chip's just in case.


Standard Chip

  • Letter(s): S, I
  • Element: Ice
  • Power: ???
  • Description: Pelts foes in frigid ice
  • Type: Water


Standard Chip

  • Letter(s): F, D
  • Element: Fire
  • Power: ???
  • Description: Incinerates foes in range
  • Type: Fire, Wind


Standard Chip

  • Letter(s): L, C
  • Element: Thunder
  • Power: ???
  • Description: Targets panel, paralyzes
  • Type: Elec, Cursor


Standard Chip

  • Letter(s): T, P
  • Element: Cracking
  • Power: ???
  • Description: Stops time, disables chips
  • Type: Cracking


Mega Chip

  • Letter(s): R, M
  • Element: Neutral
  • Power: ???
  • Description: Enemy attacks bounce off
  • Type: Barrier, Null


Mega Chip

  • Letter(s): S, P
  • Element: Neutral
  • Power: ???
  • Description: Break all defenses when stab
  • Type: Breaking, Sword


Giga Chip

  • Letter(s): M, B
  • Element: Sword
  • Power: ???!
  • Description: Returns an enemy's shot double
  • Type: Barrier, Sword


Dark Chip

  • Letter(s): D, S
  • Element: Darkness
  • Power: ???!
  • Description: Absorb and reflect attacks
  • Type: Barrier, Cursor

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