Bazooka Man

Bazooka Man

The Country Robot that will "Blow" your mind
Model Name:
Robot Master

Bazooka Man is the second robot master (after Petroleum Man) of Dr. Fever appearing in Mega Man Country.

About Bazooka Man

Dr. Fever wanted to create a Robot to keep Dr. Wily and himself secured. A sharp-eye, destructive and brave soldier Robot who will respect them and is war-like. That is when they copy some of Napalm Man and Commando Man's data to construct DFCN--006, also known as Bazooka Man. Bazooka Man's dream to make Fire Works on the fourth of july to amuse people, to be respected and be part of a Military. He wanted to destroy Criminals with his bazooka, which is the brutal point about him. After Fever's betrayal, he set Bazooka Man up to blow up Mega Man and Proto Man. He is even excellent in crafting Explosives and control them.

Good Point: Brave

Bad Point: Vigilant and Brutal

Like: Soldiers and Tanks

Dislike: Criminals


Bazooka Man jumps a lot to dodge your attacks and destroy you. He can also shoot clusters of Missiles in a straight at you three times. He may also make himself a rocket to fly sky high, drop Missiles then jump back down. He can toss Bombs like Grenades like Napalm Man. You must use Darkness Hole, his weakness and Somber Man's weapon.


  • "Want me to BLOW your Mind?"
  • "Well Boom that! I'm gonna destroy you!"
  • "Tick Tock"
  • "I'm watching you!"
  • "NO!!! I failed and blew my own Mind!"


  • He have a Design making him look similar to Napalm Man, Comando Man and the third Dark Man.
  • Darkness Hole sucks in his bombs and some of his energy. It may also make Bazooka Man blind, because he walks around confused.

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