Vital statistics
Title Champion of Champions
Gender Male
Race NetNavi
Faction Fierce Fifteen
Health 1,000 hp
Level Second-highest of the Fierce Fifteen
Status ChillMan.EXE's second-in-command, revived
Location Castle Comp Area 9


BladeMan.EXE is a highly durable and skilled navi and claims this to be true only because he is a solo navi. BladeMan.EXE has fought every NetNavi ever and has lowered their HP down to 1. However, ChillMan.EXE was able to delete him after BladeMan.EXE tried to overthrow him. DeathMan.EXE eventually resurrected him as a minion and created Ghost BladeMan.EXE. Blademan.EXE deleted him in order to become a normal navi again. He is very durable, taking 50 of CommandoMan.EXE's missiles and only lowering his HP by 250. BladeMan.EXE believes that everyone is a warrior like that and often deletes them for "not using their full potential". He is also somewhat cocky.





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