[Blizzard DrAgOOn!!! wow! this has to be a game that will be at the top of the charts for years to come! in my opinion, i think "MEGAMAN X9" should be abit...sorry, A WHOLE LOT more "X-posed"! I think this game will sell millions if it were advertised properly, the same way they advertise that shitty gun-games,like "SplinterCell" or "Resident-Evil" etc... This game,Im sure people would go nuts about it,and people would play this game endlessly, I mean, Im a huge Fan of "Megaman", since I was in nappy,it was then commonly known as "Rockman", but the shitty part of it all was, even now, here in CapeTown South Africa, this game is nowhere to be found anywhere in any game-shop! I swear to god, Ive searched EVERYWHERE in capetown, its not on any shelf! I know for a fact the people who has it would never part with it,coz its like rare gold... I had great fun with the "X" series, but seriously, my death wish is to play "Megaman x7, 8, 9" and im sure all those other game-freaks who atleast atempt to play this game will enjoy it just as much as I have. I only wish that I could find these games here in CPT-SA, but unfortunately, its outta my reach... :-( Props To the guyz who invented that Blue and Red Heroes! God Bless! "TAARIQ.J - Duck" - CapeTown,South Africa]

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