„Oh you X, You don't know how much I'd suffered in your nuisances! Master Zenthon is awaiting...Why should we dirty our hands? Let our wild spirits do this miserable fight!„

Bolcanon is a boss and Matyr from Megaman X:Matyr Warfare.


Bolcicanon, as his quote says, was a matyr that fought X many times and suffered cause Bolcicanon was very good in battle but X tricked him and he suffered cause he was led by the most tyrannical matyr, Zenthon. He was sometimes a humanoid matyr but in a fight between he and X and him, he fell in a pit of acid and mutated into Bolcicanon of our days. He is battled in Vulcanonic weapon factory (an illegal weapon line stated in a vulcan controlled by him).


Article Subject:Bolcicanon Matyr Form

  • Due to the fact that he is fire based, he can control the ground and lava from the battle area. The ground is stated on lava and he can make pillars of lava jump. They can deal serious damage.
  • Then he will fight in hadouken/Shyrouken style and will shoot fireballs from his mouth.
  • Then he will try to slash the player with his enormous claws and try to distract the player with some little bug mechs until he is preparing his attack.
  • After a serious part of his HP is depleted he will begin to slash the player more and taking more damage.

Article Subject:Bolcicanon 2

„No!...No!...This wont happen again to me!„

  • After his first defeat, he will fall into lava transforming into Bolcanon 2 (Bolcanon MK-II). Bolcanon will be covered with lava with only his head left visible.
  • He will begin to crush or slash the player.
  • Then he will try to burn the player with a little lava pillar.
  • After this defeat, he will turn back into matyr form and help X to escape now being his friend.


  • Bolcicanon is the single villain to be good after his defeat.
  • Bolcicanon has the same Hadouken and Shyrouken as Magma Dragoon.


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