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Bonne family
Bonnes image
From left to right: Tron, Teisel and Bon
Vital statistics
Gender Various
Race Various
Faction Pirates
Health Various
Level Various
Status unknown
Location Gesellschaft

The Bonnes are a pirate family from the Mega Man Legends series. Their leader is Teisel Bonne, the older of the family, and works with the brothers Tron and Bon, along with the 400 Servbots.


Servbots are 400 robots that work for the Bonnes. They look like Lego Bionicle figures. The weakest Servbots are blue and use short swords, while stronger versions have different colors and uses weapons like flamethrowers. The favorite is white and uses a giant wrench as weapon.



The Gesellschaft is the main transport of the Bonnes.


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