Boom Man

Everyone loves a good explosion
Vital statistics
Title Dynamite,
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Light Bots, Unknown
Health 28
Level Medium/Hard
Status Alive
Location Light Simulator: Constuction Site

Boom Man is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century 2.


Like several others in the game, the creator of Boom Man is unknown. He used to be quite uptight, but now enjoys being used to blow up stuff.

Good Point: Punctual

Bad Point: Intimidating

Like: Fireworks

Dislike: Unstable bombs


As the name states, Boom Man loves explosions: Bombs, fireworks, whatever; if it explodes, or even implodes, then Boom Man likes it. Actually, Boom Man used to be a very serious explosives specialist, but then he met Bomb Man while at work. The rest is history. Looks like a big cluster of dynamite with arms and legs. The weapon is Self-Destruct. The attack itself surrounds the user in an explosion that hurts the user as well as anything affected by it. It's a dangerous weapon, as it can deplete the user's hit points (of course, Boom Man is immune). The longer the charge, the more hit points lost. By itself and no charge, Mega Man takes 1HP and the explosion is short, but slightly effective. The longest charge takes up half of Mega Man's health and OHKOs most powerful enemies. When HP is less than half health, the attack can not be fully charged and the max damage will leave Mega Man at 1HP.


Boom Man likes to attack in close range, so avoid him at all costs while setting up a good offense. Boom Man is weak to the fire portion of Cold Flare, so it's a bit hard to position the attack to hit him.


  • "I'm going to blow you up."
  • "Stay still so I can explode."
  • "You got lucky..."


  • Boom Man's personality is similar to Bomb Man because both met each other at one point.

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