„I...I...I did this...alone!...I...I am...Boraites!„ -A line from the less of Boraites in anime.

„Gwahahaa!You little parasites cannot defeat the Olympus Boraites!„ -Interspace

Boraites (Boriates-Buoriatusu, Boraites-Buariatuiusun) is a super-strong minotaur fighter.



Boraites was a huge mechaniloid more than reploid, created by Dr. I. Rottnik to destroy the enemies but occasionally gone mad. Even if Boraites can speak fluently, he does not do this a lot. He forms his phrases slow and cause of this, he never ended his proposition. Boraites is armed with two different cannons, a light-done saber, a steel axe, hidden wheels in his feet to move faster and a huge cannon hidden in his chest and another cannon in his mouth. Many times he battled X in his combat armor (cause just the combat armor of X could harm him) and died in the battle against Schytherer.


  • Boraites also appeared in Megaman X:Greek-o-Roman Adventure as a boss of Acropolis being the single mechanic character (excepting X and Zero).
  • In Greek-o-Roman adventure, The Sarmineans were believing in a „Minotaur” thinking that he is the god of war and violence but for unknown reasons; a Minor Greek saved X from his attack.
  • Boraites spoke much only in Interspace.
  • Although being a mechaniloid, he has the unique ability on a mechaniloid, the one of speaking.

Megaman X:World of X

Boraites appeared in Megaman X:World Of X as a NPC. In world of X, Cindy accidentally misspelled Boraites as Botaires.


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