Bounce Woman

You are a sick pervert!
Vital statistics
Title Future Bunny,
Gender Female
Race Robot Master
Faction Light Bots, Unknown
Health 28
Level Easy/Medium
Status Alive
Location Light Simulator: Casino

Bounce Woman is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century 2.


Like several others in the game, the creator of Bounce Woman is unknown, but the reason for building her was quite obvious. She eventually figured it out and broke out of her original programming. She is trying to prove to the world that just because she's stuck in a Playboy Bunny figure, doesn't mean she'll be some guy's robot fantasy.

Good Point: Agile

Bad Point: Attitude

Like: Jump rope

Dislike: Orders


Her name was originally "Bunny Woman" and know...Whoever created her originally programmed her to be...that... Because she can no longer stand her own programming, she willingly turned to Wily so he can turn her into a weapon. Her looks did not change that much and has higher acrobatics. She looks like a Playboy Bunny (you know the rest). Her weapon is Bouning Bunnies. It functions similarly to Spring Man's Wild Coil, but with bunnies.


She will stay in midair as much as possible, so wait until she comes down to the ground or use Super Spin if you have it. Her weakness is Cold Flare's ice portion, so when in range, fire it since not only will she be frozen, but will also take damage.


  • "This is so degrading..."
  • "I will not let you beat me!"
  • "Ccc...ccc...ooold..." (when using her weakness against her)
  • "This can't be happening."


  • Bounce Woman was originally called "Bunny Woman". Unlike with Surf Man, the change is intentional and in-universe.
  • She is modeled after a Playboy Bunny, but hates to be referred to as such. However, her stage is modeled after a casino.
  • She is capable of changing her programming by herself.

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