Brawlacus V

Brawlacus V or Brawler 5Th was a hamster/emperor like boss from Greece that appears in Megaman X:World Tour.


Brawlacus V was a rich hamster emperor that has enjoyed a nice life in Greece whit his loyal Stealed and reprogrammed Ally.


  • First, Brawlacus will roll into a spike ball and try to hit the player from up.
  • Next, he will create shield waves from his tail that will go up, middle and down.
  • Then he will take down his crown and throw dangerous emerald shards that are very dangerous.
  • Then he will try to bit the player that is more annoying to feel than to listen.
  • After his defeat, he will give his crown to the player.


  • In world tour, he often calls people „Down-Ranging stupid bastards„ .
  • Depsite being a hamster, he has a scorpion tail.
  • In world tour, he is often called micey, Micky Brawlouse or even Rat.
  • In wordl tour, he is the non-wanted partner of Dr. Ivi Rottnik but Brawlacus often pisses, orders and misbehaves Ivi.
  • In his name, the word brawl is heard when pronouncing Brawlacus.
  • On his back, he has some kind of spike.
  • In world tour, when Iris wanted to touch him, he jumped scarred to avoid her and said: „I dont want to talk to you Down-Ranging stupid bastard cause you taked all the teeth of my villianous friends and wanted to take my too!„. This quote reffers to Teeth-No Problems.
  • The fact that his name implies V that in roman numbers meant 5 could mean that he is the fifth from his family/kind.
  • In MMX-World of X, Brawlacus often uses and reffers to quotes including french words like ``How do you dare to adress moi?`` or ``Vous etes stupid fusiones`` .


'„Nanahahaha...Kya.You little fowls cannot outshine Brawlacus and course of, mya ally!!„'

'„Take food you Hen!!„'

'„You little Mice wont escape nor defeat BRAWLACUS V!!„'

'„Nowhere or There!!„'

'„Ya Take„'


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