Bubble Woman

Designed for saving people in ship crashes like Splash Woman, but modified by Dr Wily, Bubble Woman is a tough fighter!!!

Stage enemies

  • Bubble Blowfish
  • KaruKaruKari


Bubble Shield (Incases self in huge bubble for 10 seconds) (Can heal in Difficulty Mode)



Robot Master Field Guide Data

"You are not going to bubble defeat me bubble easily!"

  • Good point: Concentrates on one task
  • Bad point: Mean
  • Likes: Bubbles
  • Dislikes: Pins, Tridents, Needle Man
  • Friends: Splash Woman
  • Acquaintances: Any other water themed Robot Master that's not Splash Woman
  • Enemies: Every other Robot Master, especially Needle Man


Upon entering the stage, Bubble Woman will jump up and kick the player with two feet, but this is undodgable. At this point, you must hit her with the Slam Crack, or she'll use Bubble Shield.

At this point, she'll kick you, then use Bubble Shield. You should know that Bubble Shield makes her invincible for 10 seconds. When she's vunerable, hit her with Slam Crack three times to defeat her at this very point.

Appearance in other media

She had a cameo in "Mario & Luigi: Demon's Curse" in Water Splash. You can see a drawing of her on a sandcastle in Water Splash.

Was mentioned in "LaTale: Monsters' Revenge!" when Invoke says "I hate Bubble Woman."


  • She's yelled "Bubble Shield!" so much that it's affected her circuits permanently, meaning she often says "bubble" in sentences.
  • Her helmet kind of resembles Bubble Smack 'N' Pop's hairstyle.
  • She is the obvious female version of Bubble Man.

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