Cactus Man
Cactus Man

"Man, that was a good siesta..."
Vital statistics
Title HSN-004
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Heavenly Soldiers
Health 28
Level Easy
Status Unknown
Location Vast Desert

Cactus Man is a Robot Master boss from "Mega Man 11: Heavenly Challenge".


Designed after a barrel cactus, Cactus Man was stationed to spy on escaping prisoners by posing as a regular cactus, before then showing his true self to catch them off guard. He was built with an internal water cooler that keeps him from overheating in the desert where he works. Upon being remodeled for combat, he can throw small cactus-like bombs that can explode to release several sharp spines everywhere, not to mention he can even launch these same spines from his arm cannon.

Cactus Man is a rather relaxed individual when he's not working, not to mention he doesn't complain about the heat in the desert he works in. However, he has a tendency to doze off sometimes. He also takes good care of his sombrero and has recently shown an interest in growing different kinds of cacti, his personal favorite being barrel cacti.


Cactus Man looks like a green barrel cactus with droopy green eyes and yellow eyelids. He also has a white left hand with a green left forearm and a green arm cannon in the place of his right hand, both which are decorated in small white spines, much like his body. He also has a green gem on his forehead and wears a tan and red sombrero on top of his head, not to mention he wears spiny green boots and a black bodysuit underneath his armor. He even has round green shoulders with small white spines on them as well.

His weapon, the Cactus Bomb, is a small green bomb that resembles a cactus bomb. Upon being thrown, it will roll along the ground for a bit, before then exploding to release eight small spines that will fly outward in a circle-shaped formation. The spines don't deal as much damage as the bomb itself, though they're handy for damaging enemies that are high above the user's head.


Cactus Man will jump behind the player and then take a couple short hops forward, before then throwing his Cactus Bomb forward, having it explode to release eight spines outward circle-shaped formation after a few seconds. The spines don't deal as much damage as the bomb itself, though, not to mention Sound Shaker can block them out.

He can also attack by firing small spines from his arm cannon in a rapid manner like a machine gun. He can also aim diagonally upwards to try and hit the player if they're jumping over him, so keep that in mind.

His weakness, Flare Arm, can destroy his Cactus Bomb and also light him on fire while dealing small tick damage for a few seconds.


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