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"Be warned. Humans and EM-Beings alike. The reign of Celine starts now."
―{{{2}}}, [[{{{3}}}]]
"God...really does dwell in punctual timing."
―{{{2}}}, [[{{{3}}}]]
Vital statistics
Title Celine
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction none
Health medium
Level 2
Status Still alive
Location Unknown

Celine, called Kurosaki (くろさき) in the original Japanese, is a unique being existing in the Human World. She is a Human-EM Being hybrid. She has the ability to EM Wave change on her own, without the need for an EM Being. Like Geo Stelar, she lives in Echo Ridge.


Celine is noted for her overconfident attitude, and the fact that she enjoys causing trouble for others. She greatly enjoys music. She takes pride in the fact that she is a Human-EM Being hybrid, as it grants her abilities normal humans cannot have without special technology, such as being able to see the Wave Road and change her EM Wave Frequency to be able to travel along it without the need to EM Wave Change. She is not good or evil, she is nuetral. She will not go out of her way to save something/someone unless it directly affects her, nor will she kill indiscrimenantly for the same reason.


  • See the Wave Road: Celine can see or block from her sight the Wave Road and EM beings at will. Because she can see the Wave Road on her own, she has no need for a Visualizer.
  • EM-Wave Frequency: Like all humans, she has a different EM-Wave Frequency from EM-Beings, though hers is different from humans. She can change her freuency at will to match an EM-Beings, so she can travel along the Wave Road without having to EM-Wave Change.
  • Noise Absorption: Celine is able to absorb Noise into her body and contain it without any ill effects. Absorbing Noise in her Human state gives her addition abilities of strength, speed, and the ability to fire out a "beam" of Noise at EM-Beings, eradicating them completely.
  • Real Wave Generation: Celine, though it is unknown how, is able to create Real Wave objects at will, ranging from skateboards to weapons. With this ability, and her ability to absorb Noise, her need to EM-Wave Change is nearly non-existant.

EM Wave Change


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