Childre (also known as Sweet (Human name), Blue Rose, and the Toy Maker) is one of the main antagonist in the Megaman NGX Series. She serve as a member of the Five Roses (Assassins of the Bloody Barons), she is also the youngest.


Her human form before becoming Childre is unknown, but Sparkman said "You don't want to know." And she wears a cloak to cover her face.

After becoming Childre she greatly change her human appearance. Childre is a petite young girl with light-pink hair. Her attire is custom made of the Bloody Baron's typical black uniform, consisting of a skirt in place of the signature trench coat, gloves, patterned leggings, and a blue cap, which features a green peak and the Bloody Baron insignia emblazoned in its front.

The reason for the change is because she dislike her old form..


Much like her name suggests, Sweet apparently enjoys sweets while eating them off her fingers. She has also shown signs of childish behavior, as demonstrated when she ran around the palace, looking for Bass, after he had already left for Germany.

Childre is quite profane, calling Devin a "bitch" (unaware what the word mean though).


Leviathan - Superior.

Five Roses - Sees them all as her mother.

  • Devin
  • Ashley
  • Cara
  • Beth

Abilities and Powers

Weapons and Technology



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