"The stars have chosen... this battle is decided."

CometWoman.EXE is not the most social NetNavi ever. She tends to keep to herself and often doesn't even speak. The reason for her secluded personality is unknown. Her NetOp, world renowned pop-star Sarai Tetshua, is the exact opposite, which wraps CometWoman.EXE's personality in further mystery, due to the tendancy of NetNavis being programed with personalities similar to the NetOp.


The Comet Dash: CometWoman.EXE cloaks herself in a massive ball of cosmic energy and hurls herself at the opponent. This suprisingly doesn't deal recoil damage on CometWoman.EXE herself, making this attack all the more devastating.

Star Tower: CometWoman.EXE summons the "power of the heavens" to send large swirling pillars of light straight towards the opponent. These pillars differ from other tower moves, since the individual spires can circle around and home in on opponents if the attack misses.

Celestial Barrier / Celestial Revolt: CometWoman.EXE creates a wall of energy that nullifies enemy projectiles. The alternate use of this move, Celestial Revolt, involves literally throwing the generated sheild wall at the opponent. The later is less effective, but any NetNavi hit will deffinately be feeling it later.


All rights are reserved by the original creator, MegaPhilX. Comet Woman was NOT my idea. CometWoman.EXE, the Battle Network remake, IS my idea. Check out Comet Woman and the other 9 robots on MegaMan Unlimited's website (BEST fanmade game EVER, BTW). Thanks!

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