This is the complete list of all gainable or from begin usable weapons.The weapons can be used, some hit a measure other infinite time.


Ice and Water

35 Uses for every Ice weapons.

  • Frost tower: It creates a giant spike wall in the front of the user trapping enemies.
  • Iceburst: It creates a ice spikeball that if the user ppush it or an enemy touch it it will explode shoting million of little ice spikes.
  • Accurate icedus: Its a weapon that will create seven ice statues in the front and back of the user that will mov, jump and shot if the user do it.They will be in life so much time, they dont take much damage.
  • Cometus Iceas: It will create a comet rain of ice.

45 Uses for every water weapon.

  • Glasemeer: Its a more water-ice weapon that will create a ice wall that can be destroied whit just a electricity weapon.
  • Meermethic: It will summon things like shield statues and more...
  • Saiveor Sairen: This weapon armors the suer whit ice that is avaible for a short time.
  • Icebaliton: It creates a ice spike ball.

---More weapons will be registred soon in this list---

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