Copy Duo
Copy Duo
Vital statistics
Title DWN-916
Gender Male-Programming
Race Robot Master
Faction Dr. Wily
Health 28
Level Unspecified
Status Destroyed
Location Unspecified
Copy Duo Sprite

An enlarged standing sprite of Copy Duo.

Copy Duo is a powerful robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. He is the second of ten machines built as advanced Doc Robots known as copy masters. It can use the main attacks of all of the robot masters it is copying - or rather, that it has been built out of.


Behind the scenes

  • Copy Duo is not actually the 916th robot master built by Dr. Wily - his number represents the numbers of DWN 009-016.
  • Duo is built out of parts from robot masters from Mega Man 2. These parts are as follows:
    • Metal Man: Forehead blade, right "ear" antenna
    • Flash Man: Time Stopper arm cannon (right forearm)
    • Quick Man: Head crest
    • Bubble Man: Flippers and entire lower leg sections
    • Heat Man: Chest gem (placed in the middle of the chest fan) and forehead plating (behind metal man). His face is also partially reminiscent of Heat Man's.
    • Wood Man: Helmet's offshoot branch (left side of head) and bodily partition (the "belt")
    • Air Man: Torso armoring and chest fan. Eyes are reminiscent of Air Man's.
    • Crash Man: Crash Bomb arm cannon (left forearm)

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