"Ah! Y-You're Lan Hikari's NetNavi, aren't you?"
Vital statistics
Title Soft-Spoken Virus Crusher
Gender Female
Race NetNavi
Faction Good Guys
Health 580 HP
Level Moderately strong
Status Normal
Location Hinako Asakura's PC

CrushWoman.EXE is Hinako Asakura's NetNavi. She's very open-minded towards friendly viruses, soft-spoken, obedient and naive, just like her operator. She's also very caring towards her friends and even friendly viruses, too.




Here are CrushWoman.EXE's attacks.

- Weight Adjustment: Like GainWoman.EXE, CrushWoman.EXE can adjust her weight as big or small as she likes, ranging from slim (fast-moving) to near-immobile (doesn't move as fast, but can summon Quaker Viruses and also become more stronger).

- Body Roll: CrushWoman.EXE curls up into a ball and rolls over 1 straight row of panels horizontally. This attack will also crack any panels she rolls on. Simply move down or up a different row of panels away from the panels CrushWoman.EXE is rolling on to avoid this attack.

- Panel Crusher: CrushWoman.EXE leaps high into the air. During this, 5 of the opponent's panels will start flashing in either a "+"-shaped formation or an "X"-shaped formation. After this, GainWoman.EXE lands in the center of the flashing panels while doing a hip drop (or "Ground Pound" as it's more often called), cracking the flashing panels in the progress. When the panels start flashing, move away from the flashing panels FAST!

- Quaker Summon: CrushWoman.EXE can summon Quaker Viruses to fight alongside her.

- Navi Crusher: Like "Panel Crusher", CrushWoman.EXE leaps high into the air. During this, the panel that the opponent is standing on will start flashing. After this, CrushWoman.EXE will land on the panel while doing a belly flop. Not only does this attack crack the panel she lands on, but if she lands on the opponent, the opponent will take a lot of damage from the attack. Also, the opponent crushed underneath her will slowly take damage overtime until either the opponent attacks her enough times or after 40 seconds have passed.

CrushWoman is a Breaker-type NetNavi.


  • "Ah! Y-You're Lan Hikari's NetNavi, aren't you?" (When first meeting her in ACDC Area 1)
  • "I'll do my best, Hinako!" (Before battling with Lan and MegaMan.EXE for the first time)
  • "Did you come here to battle me again, perhaps?" (When asking if you want to battle against her)
  • "A-Alright, I'll fight you. I won't hold back, though!" (When you accept her battle)
  • "You don't want to fight right now? It's alright, I'm fine with it." (When you decline her battle)
  • "Um...can it wait a bit? I just need to train a bit more with my Operator." (When she refuses to battle with you after defeating her)


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  • [1] (CrushWoman.EXE on DeviantArt made by Raging-Banebou)

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