CBA or as its full name says Custom Battle Ability is a special ability that allows a reploid combine whit a mechaniloid or other Reploid, commonly used by the Regal forces.

Useable Effects

  • Zenoheld: It grows up a bit the HP of the user if combined whit a mechaniloid
  • Trance Rapture Illusion: It is the ability mainly used by Schyther and Lumagrowl, that allows the user evolve.
  • A.S.S.A.I.L: It allows the user to be armored whit a heavy-range missiles.
  • Assail Farbros (Assault Farboroos): Its a upgraded version of A.S.S.A.I.L that allows the user to be invincible some several hours.
  • Boriates: Still testing.


Commonly used by Regal forces

Schyther and Lumagrowl

Lord C

Lord Haus

Lord Dregg

The Eight Gentle Judges


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