The Douse Bubble

The Douse Bubble is Douse Man's weapon from MegaMan Zeta. It is Ember Man's Weakness.


A bubble full of water is shot, and it moves diagonally up. At first, it moves mor horizontally than vertically, increasing vertical movement and decreasing horizontal movement as it goes. When making impact with anything, the bubble pops and releases water on the foe's head, also doing damage. Uses 3 Energy per use. Can be used 9 times, with one energy pixel left over. The bubble does 2 damage, the water splash does 1 damage. If executed correctly, the bubble and water can both do damage.


  • Ember Man's Weakness
  • When used correctly, it can do a total of 3 damage (4 on Ember Man).
  • OHKOs Tackle Fires

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