Dr. Cossack's Lab
The main HUB for MM:NA.
Vital statistics
Type Building
Location Siberia
Inhabitants Dr. Cossack, Kalinka and other Robot Masters

Dr. Cossack's Lab will be the main hub area for Mega Man: A New Age. Here, you will be able to buy parts with the many Metals you find in the stages, save your game and load your game.


Since the passing of Dr. Light, Mega Man and some other robots were moved to Dr. Light's old friend, Dr. Cossack. They've settled in happily together, but by the year 2040, new, more advanced robots were already being built, and old scientists like Dr. Cossack were being overlooked in exchange for a new line of Maximum Robotics Industries robots.


The eight other Robot Masters can be seen in the Recharge Room, but seem to be all 'sleeping' for the time being. For a cameo, there will also be a poster of Megaman Volnutt on the wall. Auto and Eddie will assist Dr. Cossack in the shop.


From the Stage Select, you can access the lab by pressing Down, then selecting the lab.


Most of Megaman's friends now take shelter with Dr. Cossack and Kalinka. They include Auto, Eddie, Beat, Roll, Rush, the six 'original' Robot Masters and Tango (of course, who would forget him?)

Things to attack

Why would there be any enemies?


In the shop, the two character modes can buy different items:

  • Extra Lives
  • E-Tanks, W-Cans, S-Tanks
  • Beat's Whistle, calling Beat to rescue you from pits
  • Shock Guard to protect from spikes
  • Recovery of Special Weapons (they don't recharge in this stage)
  • Upgrades to improve functionality
  • The infamous Book of Hairstyles
  • and certain other items

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