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„Two things are eternally: The Universe and human stupidity„

In-Depth Story

Dr. Ivi Rottnik derived from Dr. Ivo Robotnik were a genial man whit the IQ of 800 that gone madby the idea he could take over all the world.He created lots of machines but the hunters were the main enemy that could stop him.He tryied to destroy them but whit no win.

Megaman X 3000 Souls

Dr Ivi Rottnik or rougly Called Dr. Ivo Robotnik is the main villian in Megaman X 3000.Its a genial man that betrayed the hunters long time ago.In Megaman X 3000 Souls, he appears once in the whole game fighting the player in the Space area before Lumagrowl mostly for defending his base.


  • Altrough he appeared all times in the base of Ivi, Lumareeg could also belong to Ivi.
  • Even if he was a minor character, Ivi has lots of designs and he was declared as a plot character.
  • In MMX:World Tour, Ivi gets easily pissed by Brawlacus V that often pisses,orders and misbehaves him and by Angela who everytime throws him (She really throws him) .


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