"Sunstar, by the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall."
Vital statistics
Title Spacebot
Gender Male
Race Machine
Faction I dunno, Autobots?
Health Healthy, I guess...
Level 400
Status Alive
Location Space, destroying all manner of Decepticon.

Duo seems to be an Autobot (He never really confirms it) searching for Evil energy to terminate it.


Duo came to Earth to search for evil energy to--Ah, you already know the story.


He helped defeat Dr. Wily, and that's it.


He's something of a main character so there IS no way.


  • "SUNSTAR!!!!"


  • He seems to know who Sunstar is, and seeks to find him and destroy him, perhaps they were partners, previously?

See also

  • Sunstar
  • He can also defeat Air Man, an act which Mega Man himself has not achieved.

External links

  • External link

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