Battle for Metropolis is a game that takes place several years after Megaman 10. There are several differnt armies placed in this war with the three main ones being "The Light Brigade", "The Wily Warriors", & "The Slayers". Others will be added among time.


Basic Information: All teams will be battling eachother for control over Metropolis City.

The Light Brigade:

This team is centered in Light Labratories. It's members are; Fighters: Megaman, Gutsman, Fireman, Iceman, Elecman, Cutman, Bombman, Timeman, Oilman. Healers: Roll, Auto, Dr. Light. Field Support: Roll, Rush, Auto.

The Wily Warriors:

This team is centered at Skull Island, a small island off the cost of Metropolis. It's Members are;

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