On The Seventh Day Of The Seventh Year, The Seventh Son Of The Seventh God, Will Rise A Defeat The Evil That Has Existed For Seven Millinea!!!

"Whoa!!!!!!!" Jarred screamed as he raced through the air. Then he saw something on the ground. A man in danger. He swooped down and caught the evil Navi who had attacked him. "No one shall bring harm to others!" he said to the Navi. Then the Navi shot a flare and out came Fireman. "Well, well, well. Hows it been going boy." He said in a mocking way. Jarred sprung to life and attacked Fireman. Fireman deflected his strike with a mare flick of his wrist. "I will defeat you again like i did last time we meet!" jarred yelled. Fireman just laughed and waited for Jarred to lung again. Jarred did and Fireman shot a column of fire at his face. He fell tot the ground coughing. "Please, boy. Dont toy with me. Unleash your true power. Kill me!" "Why should I!" "Because you are the Seventh Son of the God of the Sky. It is your DESTENY!!!!!" Then a rparing sound came down, and Jarred was flushed away by a whirlwind. He landed in courtyard of clouds. The most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Then Windman (God of the Sky) stepped out in front of him. "Hello Son" He said in a kind voice. Jarred stood and asked why he was brought here. "You where brought here to be told that you are the Seventh Son of the God of the Sky. You journey in life is begining. You must go on a quest to find the Seventh Son of my Brother Freezeman. Can you do that for me my son?" Jarred pundered this for a minute then replied "Yes father i will" With that Jarred was swooped away. He began his quest for the Seventh Son...

Look for more legends...The darkest legend is coming...The Light will fall to the seventh son...

EXE Legends of the SKY Part 1

EXE Legends of the SKY Part 3

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