Platinum, the leader of the Saviors fully in his BETA armor

Element Saviors==    The Element Saviors are a group of Androids that participated in World War 25.5 agaisnt the forces of the Dark Table. The team consists of several Androids named after elements on the Periodic Table. They were all created by Dr. DaMickey. Their team consists of Platinum, is a truly heoric warrior, only taking lives when he needed to; Titanium is a great fighter, truly noble, never hurting anyone but his enemies; Nitrogen is a lightning fast Android that was specialy made to take out great numbers of enemy troops in a second; Mercury is a cocky, funny Android who was Dr. DaMickey's first Android. He went rogue, but Platinum stopped him and conviced him to come back to the light; Californium is actually a cyborg, while this information the team does not know. She was the last and only survivor of the California Deletion. She is a healer for the team, making her a huge help to the team.

Time Period of existance

This fan-fiction takes place in an alternate timeline where MegaMan DID in fact kill Dr. Wily, causing him to go rogue with madness, killing anyone he finds, and just destroying. He has caused 10 world wars, and the current one is over the entire solar system. MegaMan was destroyed halfway through the war by Platinum. But a much bigger threat was created by Dr. Wily: Uranium. Uranium is a psycho path, even worse than this timeline's MegaMan.


The Element Saviors are in my fan-fiction : Android War - Platinum's Destiny.

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