Empty Man

Isn't space grand?
Vital statistics
Title Robotic Void,
Gender Presumably male
Race Robot Master
Faction Light Bots, Rossum Bots
Health 28
Level Easy/Medium
Status Alive
Location Light Simulator: Space

Empty Man is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century 2.


Issac Rossum's parents aren't idiots. His father was a collegue of Drs. Light and Wily (although isn't as good as either of them) and his mother was a space observer. Put the two together and here comes a robot that can travel through space. Mrs. Rossum found a black hole and figured that the robot should find a way to cancel out black holes. Of course, both of them need Dr. Light's help in making this robot, since Light already made a space-travelling Robot that uses black holes (Galaxy Man).

Good Point: Durable

Bad Point: A wise guy

Like: Space travel

Dislike: Other space RMs


A Robot Master from outer space, Empty Man thinks that he is the strongest robot ever because he has possibly the best weapon ever. Obviously, this ticks off Bass. Empty Man looks like Alien X from Ben 10: Alien Force, but minus the horns and star spots., with the legs and arm cannons of traditional humanoid RMs. His weapon is Spacial Reverse. It absorbs attacks and releases them in a stronger state. Because of the function of this move, The user can not move and can still be attacked by physical strikes.


He will always use Spacial Reverse when you are far away, so stay close to attack. The weapon will absorb the Mega Buster, so unless you have the Liquid Sphere or if you are clever with close-range blasting, this will be a hard battle.


  • "Can you hurt me?"
  • "I will not lose with this move!"
  • "Well, I'm done."


  • This is the last robot made from Issac Rossum and his family.

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