Enker EXE by Damion Lionheart

Enker.EXE By Diamon_Lionheart

Enker.EXE is a lesser-known rumor around the Undernet. He will usually spend his time creating and customizing Battle Chips, keeping some for himself and selling the rest to different vendors.

There have been rumors of his great fighting strength as well. His special ability, the Mirror Buster (which was also converted into Battle Chip form) absorbs an enemy's energy attack and redirects it back, as to do double the damage he takes.

Those who say they've seen him say he has good manners, is polite and never uses trickery to gain the upper hand, but that doesn't mean he restricts himself from using Battle Chips, as he is a spectacular user of them.

Enker.EXE's operator is Zexion.

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