Ex-Zaggregate is an episode from the second season of Megaman X:Right Back at you.Its all about Zero and Axl bitting more than they can eat.


While seeking for something, as outside were very hot,Zero found a book were it was written „Cindy” as however it was proved to be the secret diary of Cindy.Laterly, when she was going to take it, she noticed for it to be missing.Zero showed it to X and Axl as however axl did not wanted Zero to give it back.X wanted it but they ran.Later, Cindy really searched everywhere leaving dust and desctruction behind her.Cindy asked everyone for the diary but X said that „A blonde tall-thin red guy took it„ and she understanded well who was.As she asked him (Zero) he lied about this.She continued, and continued to seek it.She surprisingly destroied everything searching and everyone that knowed Zero was, wanted to end this.They forced him to give the diary...But yoiou better ask about how much pain caused Cindy to Zero.

Memorable Quotes

-Cindy: (Noticing the diary is missing) „Who...who? what monster?...I will seek my diary everywhere, even if it would be in the room of the author of this Episode!!!„

-Zero:„Ahaha!Well Axl, can we open it?Cuz it has a lock?I never opened anything that has a lock.

-Axl: (Hearing Zero that said „I hope axl will never think bad things about me that never opened locks! in his mind) „I wont think bad things about you!

-Zero:„How did you heard...?No matter.„

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