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Fan games. Note that this page only includes real fan games. See below for conceptual fan games and ROM hacks.


MegaMan X

MegaMan Legends


Games with multiple series, crossovers and original characters.

Cancelled, but partly released

Cancelled games, which where partly released (e.g. demos, source code, music, ...):

Development, but partly released

Games under development, which where partly released (e.g. demos, source code, music, ...):

MegaMan Legends
MegaMan Battle Network
  • MegaMan Battle Network Chrono X - created by Megadudes Production. A spritual sucessor to the MegaMan Battle Network franchise.
  • MegaMan Battle Network - Zero Crisis by FoxClaw. Play as any character VS any character of the BN series and fight your way through a storyline mixing up the BN and Zero series. Being made with "RPG Maker XP". Also includes Zero and a playable version of (real) X in MMZ style.

Development, and unreleased

MegaMan X
MegaMan Battle Network

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  • MMHP: Fan Games
  • Blyka's Door - Numerous MegaMan fan games. Includes: Yust Man, SuperDanny, Star Man, Fireworks, Green Biker Dude, Don Ball and Launch the Drache! .
  • IRAGINATION - Some flash games featuring Fire Man, Bass, X and other characters, namely: Fire Man vs Bass, Fire Man Incoming Storm, Fall of 21XX, Bass Abyss, Bad Box Over.
  • Mega Man - Several MegaMan flash games.

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