Ferham (also known as Beth (Human name), Black Rose, and the Terminator) is one of the main antagonist in the Megaman NGX Series. She serve as a member of the Five Roses (Assassins of the Bloody Barons).


After becoming Ferham she greatly change her human appearance. Ferham becomes a little taller and becomes a well-endowed woman, with long blonde hair and prominent eyelashes. She also change her skin color to white. Like the other Five Roses her attire is custom made of the Bloody Baron's typical black uniform, consisting the typical double-breasted jacket, which she keeps tied up to reveal her midriff and unbuttoned to display her generous cleavage, and a pair of short-shorts which are held up by a black belt with a love heart attached to the side. She also wears a black cap on her head, which features a green peak and the Bloody Baron insignia emblazoned on its fron, and a pair of ankle-height shoes.

The reason for the change is because she is considered to be a wanted criminal to the humans.


Ferham has a very short temper, getting made at Ring for stating she like to have "fun" with her subordinates and asking her if she wants to fight. She also have a bad habit when her wings open up, which Ring asks if she have a boner, which Ferham denies.

She is also best friends with Pixel, as the two of them are often seen playing cards together. She gets irritated by Ring's rash habit of accepting every marriage proposal made to her.


Leviathan - Superior.

Five Roses - Serves as the close-combat specialist of the group.

  • Devin - Leader and strongest of the five. As a human she is Devin Black a serial-killer. Specialize in leadership and assassinations.
  • Ashley - Closest to Beth. Specialize in Intel and Hacking.
  • Cara - Good friends, but usually lose her temper on her. Specialize in hypnotism and seduction.
  • Sweet - Youngest and newest of the group. Sees Beth as a mother. Specialize in eliminating witnesses, in her case turning them into toys.

Abilities and Powers

Weapons and Technology



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