Ferrum Catena

Binding Insanity
Vital statistics
Title Crazy Chainmaster
Gender Male-Programming
Race Reploid
Faction GR Maverick Hunters
Health Unspecified
Level None
Status Alive
Location Virtue Arcadia

Ferrum Catena is a new-age Reploid created following the events of Mega Man ZX Genesis, and direct subordinate to Zero following the creation of the GR Maverick Hunters. Ferrum's biceps and thighs consist of nanomachine chains made of Ceratanium, his limbs instead being controlled by independent AIs in his limbs and joints linked directly to his brain. His processor is not designed to handle such large amounts of information, and as such Ferrum is struck by an "off" personality and inability to process complex strategies and formulas.


Ferrum's chest and abdomen are both spherical in shape; his chest is purple, while his abdomen is black. The holes in his body from which his chains extend have thin yellow rims. His limbs are also purple with red rims, while his hands and feet are both white. Ferrum has a purple headband with a large spherical red jewel in the middle, and a large plume of swept-back spiky hair of pale blue coloration. His eyes are deep red.


A near infinite length of chain is stored in Ferrum's body and limbs, allowing Ferrum to extend his arms and legs to incredible lengths in order to attack or grab his opponents. From his hands Ferrum can launch chains tipped with weights or blades to further surprise and attack. Capable of precise control over his limbs, Ferrum's limited AI causes his "strategy" to often involve swinging and thrashing his extended limbs wildly. However, his range and unpredictable movements make it near-impossible to predict his attacks, causing opponents to be either hit by his limbs or bound in his chains. Due to his body (obviously) being made of metal, Ferrum is often teamed with Magnum, who can redirect his attacks and weapons to hit evasive targets.


  • Chain Dance: Ferrum swings his extended limbs wildly to strike or bind the opponents.
  • Harpoon Strike: Ferrum launches a forward punch or kick at his opponent while extending his limbs.
  • Weapon Shot: Ferrum launches several chains tipped with weights and/or blades at his opponent.
  • Flail Saw: Ferrum extends his arms and spins rapidly like a tornado to strike enemies.


Ferrum could be considered "off". And by off, that means crazy, bizarre, and almost Maverick-like in his nature. This causes many other Reploids to avoid Ferrum and even feel frightened by him. Despite his off-beat and wild nature, Ferrum isn't outright hostile nor aggressive, just reckless. Ferrum often gives strange, unorthodox, and sometimes even irrelevant commentary during discussions. While it seems that he's completely out-of-touch, there are some hints that Ferrum only acts this way so as to lighten the mood of his comrades. Ferrum is well aware that he's "different" compared to most other Reploids, but despite having the option he chooses to not get upgrades to improve his mental processing, feeling that his own way of doing things is more "fun".

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