Fire Man: The Fire of Justice is a conceptual fan game by D-Boy Wheeler. It stars the Robot Master Fire Man as he goes to fight the Evil Energy. The "Robot Masters" in this game are known as the Endotherms, who are robot anthropomorphic Arctic foxes (Vulpes lagopus).

Fire Man starts out with his Fire Storm. Unlike Mega Man Powered Up, his fire reignites when he exits water, without a need to touch a fire source.


[Text] 20XX

{Fire Man, looking at his new hands. Rock and Roll are nearby.}
[Text] It was not long after the passing of both Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. Mega Man had reverted back to Rock, and he and Roll try to resume normal peaceful lives.

[Text] In addition, past Robot Masters were rebuilt and reprogrammed for good. Fire Man was one of them.

[Text] His arms also now included hands, which were good for when he didn't need to use his arm cannons.

{Fire Man melting some metals.}
[Text] Fire Man resumed his duties of incinerating wastes and also recycling metals.

[Text] Then one day...

{Some other robots approached Fire Man.}
[Robot 1] Fire Man! We got trouble!

[Robot 2] Some weird purplish energy is infiltrating the Fire Dynamo! And something is creating some artificial ice age to threaten the humans!

[Fire Man] I recognize that! Rock told me of it from his days as Mega Man! It's the Evil Energy! Time for my flames of justice to reignite!

{Fire Man racing onward.}
[Text] With that, Fire Man raced forward to stop the Evil Energy.

Stages and Bosses

Intro Stage

Intro Stage: Fire Dynamo (his stage in Mega Man Powered Up) Boss: Evil Energy Screwdriver (large Screwdriver (Screw Bomber); shots start upward, and then rain down)

Stage Select

  • Shock Lagopus
    • Weapon: Zapper Fuzz (a ball of electrified fur)
    • Weakness: Spruce Shield
  • Cutter Lagopus
    • Weapon: Cutting Claw (similar to Slash Claw)
    • Weakness: Chemical Burn
    • (Boss also has flying machine)
  • Pine Lagopus
    • Weapon: Spruce Shield (a shield of spruce/pine needles)
    • Weakness: Cutting Claw
  • Aqua Lagopus
    • Weapon: Scalding Water (a spray of very hot water)
    • Weakness: Zapper Fuzz
  • Grit Lagopus
    • Weapon: Sandy Flow (a flow of sand along the ground)
    • Weakness: Scalding Water
  • Chemist Lagopus
    • Weapon: Chemical Burn (a flask of chemicals thrown downward, creating a sizzling puddle)
    • Weakness: Shadow Grenade
  • Photon Lagopus
    • Weapon: Hyper Glare (similar to Photon Flare in Mega Man: Rock Force)
    • Weakness: Sandy Flow
  • Shade Lagopus
    • Weapon: Shadow Grenade (similar to Flash Bomb, except it creates blackness around the target--disorients as well as damages)
    • Weakness: Hyper Glare
    • (Boss also has submarine)

Final Stages

The Final Stages take place in the Evil Energy Ice Palace

Evil Energy Ice Palace Stage 1: Snow Forest
Boss: Snow Devil (weak to Chemical Burn--hit the eye)

Evil Energy Ice Palace Stage 2: Hallways
Boss: Ice Eye (weak to Cutting Claw--hit when it's airborne (it's invincible while stationary))

Evil Energy Ice Palace Stage 3: Factory (plenty of conveyors)
Boss: Computer (almost like Square Machine in Mega Man 4, but stationary) (weak to Scalding Water--hit the keyboard/console under the monitor))

Evil Energy Ice Palace Stage 4: Parapets
Boss: Chill Joe (Sniper Joe with snowballs)(weak to Shadow Grenade--attack when its shield is out of the way)

Evil Energy Ice Palace Stage 5: Main Keep
{Boss Rush here}
Boss: Snow Head (snowman version of Circling Q9 from Mega Man 5)(weak to Sandy Flow--hit the main face)

Evil Energy Ice Palace Stage 6: Final Tower
Final Boss: Evil Energy
--Form 1: Ice Man Clone (weak to Zapper Fuzz)
--Form 2: Evil Energy Yeti (weak to Hyper Glare--aim for orb in forehead)

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