Flat Man

Oh, here we go.
Vital statistics
Title 2D Greatness,
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Himself
Health 28
Level Really Hard
Status Dead
Location Forest, Wily Dungeon

Flat Man is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century. It turns out he was the Robot Master who killed Issac Rossum.


Dr. Light was fascinated by Rossum's Robot Masters, so he decides to make a RM with him. Both wanted to make an industrial RM, but neither have any idea on what to make him. Then Rossum had the idea of making electronic paper, so both worked with that, creating Flat Man in the process. However, Flat Man eventually figured out that he could use the paper he generates to hurt people. He became inheritly evil, but he didn't do anything evil until he killed Rossum...

Good Point: Works hard

Bad Point: Evil

Like: eBooks

Dislike: Scissors


This is it. The Rock Man-XXXX-Cut Man triangle is complete. Mega Man is pure good and Cut Man can go either way, so Flat Man is pure evil. He's meant to create electronic paper so that there's no need to get paper from trees. Flat Man is...flat, mostly...and is predominantly green in color. His weapon is the Paper Cut, which can 2KO Mega Man easily, but does regular damage to Proto Man, Bass, etc. He is also completely immune to the Mega Buster (again, Proto Man, et. al. can damage him with their regular Busters). The weapon, Paper Cut, is a cutter-themed weapon that can reflect projectiles, but it tricky to do that, as it goes straight, then curves down, and it only reflects projectiles when it curves.


Flat Man is a difficult boss, as he can deflect most weapons with his own, Paper Cut. Although he can be hit with most weapons, the AWESOME LAZAR is the only weapon that he can not deflect. That weapon is also his weakness.


  • "You're being an annoyance."
  • "You cannot defeat me."
  • "Yes it's true. I killed my master and there is nothing you cna do about it, cousin. Deal with it."
  • "No one, not you, not my siblings, not even you, Cut Man, can beat me."


  • Flat Man is the last Robot Master to be faught, only accessable if the other Robot Maters are defeaed.
  • His last quote somewhat references Rock Paper Scissors, where "Rock" is Mega Man (Rockman), "Paper" is Flat Man, and "Scissors" is Cut Man.
  • Flat Man is not only the final Robot Maser to be faught, but is also the final boss, as Flat Man is not around during the Robot Master rematches. His weakness as the final boss is the Rolling Cutter, accessable when Cut Man appears to help Mega Man defeat Flat Man.

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