FourthWall Breaks are phrases, quotes or propositions that are tied to meta-refferences but are exprimed otherwise.They are almost as same the Meta-Refferences are.The fourthwall break is a Jun.

Known Fourthwall breaks

Much characters breaked the fourth wall by their propositions:

Lord C (In anime)

-Yes I really love 'this season cause the creators loved me so much that I appeared In every Episode!

-I dont Interes about you teeth-wanting in that episode, do you remember?Teeth-No Problems.

-No, no, You cannot die now, you are the main character in these cartoons X!

-We cannot add a musical scene now, The episode is not long enough.We afford only 30 Minutes.

-Ok,I have it from the same place where I had Deezal.Episode 1, Season 3.

-Ok, let me interevent, Actually, You are minor character cause this is the third and last appearence of you in this anime.

X and Other Maverick Hunters Like Zero (Anime)

-No boss, this episode takes only 30 Minutes not 40 sir.

-In this episode, the creator added a cool cell animation like in Teeth-No Problems.

-Its too far,We scrolled enough this episode!

-Haha, This episode is not Chinese.

Dr. Ivi (..Anime...)

-So wath you want to know?I registered all of these apisodes.

-Why cannot I appear in this episode.I am cool.

-If you ask, My egg champion is too big to appear in the entire TV surface on this episode good?

-I have a colossus but It cannot breath cause the image of this episode is too...Let this, Badniks dont Breathe.

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