Fusion One is the first Fusion Master made by R. Shadow Prototype 2. He was made from the spare parts from the Robot Masters of the events of Mega Man and Mega Man Powered Up. Also, he is the first of sixteen of them all. He is FMN-0310


  1. Rolling Cutter
  2. Super Arm
  3. Ice Slasher
  4. Hyper Bomb
  5. Fire Storm
  6. Thunder Beam
  7. Time Slow
  8. Oil Slider

Trvia/Behind the Master

  • This isn't the 310th fusion mater R. Shadow Prototype 2 made, it's just a mix of DRN-003 to DRN-010
  • Each part of Fusion One is showned here
  1. Cut Man: Body and Head
  2. Guts Man: Left Arm
  3. Ice Man: Left Leg
  4. Bomb Man: Right Arm
  5. Fire Man: Flame from Head
  6. Elec Man: Right Leg
  7. Time Man: Clock on Chest
  8. Oil Man: Scarf

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