Type Combat


The Fusion types are Fusion Elements that every fusion must obligatory have

They are:Adaptium (Blue) that beats Blaston (Red) that beats Cosmix (Yellow) that beats Adaptium.

  • Adaptium - allows Fuse's minions to adapt to their environment.(Blue)
  • Blastons - sub-atomic particles that contain vast amounts of energy.(Red)
  • Cosmix - a mysterious cosmic gas that possesses many unusual properties (Yellow)
  • Daxium - the most powerfull type that only Fuse Lord Has.(Orange)

A-B-C Lords

The Game features extermly rare enemies called A-B-C Lords.These fusions, seen each in two stage, are the most powerfull fusion (Weaker than fuse Lord) for a type.

  • Vexfist Adaptium Lord-Tech Square (After his first defeat, he moved to Genius Grove)
  • Arcaedias Blaston Lord-Offworld Platza (After defeat his first defeat, he moved to Galaxy Gardens)
  • Ristak Cosmix Lord-Grean Gaullet (After his first defeat, he moved to City Highway)


Actually, the list is unfinished


  • Spawn
  • Jumbo Spawn
  • Scribble spawn
  • Sneaky Spawn
  • Mech Queen
  • Heavy Pincher
  • Barren Crasher
  • Crash Loader
  • Junkasaurus Wrecks
  • Extremospawn
  • Petroleum Punch
  • Asphalt Thief
  • Tech Wing
  • Tech Drone
  • Tech Tunneller
  • Tech Drill
  • Tigerwolf


  • Bullboard
  • Jetskill
  • Beach Bully
  • Cyberus
  • Canyon Creeper
  • Maelstorm Creeper
  • Timber Creeper
  • Baleful Brute
  • Bruteller Pole
  • Baloth Blaster


  • Joke-o da lantern
  • Scarry-o da lantern
  • Oil Ogre
  • Newspaper Ninja
  • Darkpaper Ninja
  • Tread Header
  • Sonic Scorpion
  • Motorilla
  • Ramcycle

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