ALord Fuse

Lord Fuse-Ruler of Planet Fusion


Fusions are evil creatures that came from Planet Fusion and attacked Earth.Their ruler is Lord Fuse (Shown in the right), he being the most advanced, strongest and smartest of the fusions.Every Fusion has a Type.The types are:Adaptium, Blaston and Cosmix.

Rember:Adaptium (Blue) beats Blaston (Red) beats Cosmix (Yellow) Beats Adaptium.

Every fusion besides types has levels including Fuse Lord.The Levels are between 0 and 37.Every evolved fusion has the same level but another type and height.

Mini-Boss/Special Stage Boss

The Mini-Bosses introduced themselves before the Altered ego bosses win stages that the player cant get so easily.

Flating forthersses

Regal Beach

  • Sand Creep Baron

Doomed Cages

Biltz Deck

Athenical Sera

  • Crabz-Y

Pokey Oaks South

  • Don Doom

A-B-C Lords

The Game features extermly rare enemies called A-B-C Lords.These fusions, seen each in two stage, are the most powerfull fusion (Weaker than fuse Lord) for a type.

  • Vexfist Adaptium Lord-Tech Square (After his first defeat, he moved to Genius Grove)
  • Arcaedias Blaston Lord-Offworld Platza (After defeat his first defeat, he moved to Galaxy Gardens)
  • Ristak Cosmix Lord-Ivi Waterisades (After his first defeat, he moved to City Highway)

Fusion Egos/Boss Fusions

Unfinished list.

Lord Fuse created fusion alter-egos of the characters.The Boss fusions can be fought only if the player has a missiont task to destroy a fusion.X cannot enter a fusion lair whit the wrong mission task.Sometimes, X must fight more times a fusion in different stages.


  • Fusions mainly create fuse Minions but in Athenical Sera, there is as Mini-Boss is Crabz-Y (The first boss in Megaman X8).Crabz-Y is slightly looking as a fusion however, he could not even be a fuse.It was lately proved that Crabz-Y is not a fusion or infected mech, he just get defected and gone mad terrorising the Athenical Sera.

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