In the iStarforce series, Gerome N. A. "Geo" Stelar, the protagonist, is the first Model M MegaMan. He is also a skilled programmer and technician who is able to help his friends with technical issues, designing various objects and creating several Reploids. His closest friends are Luna Platz, who became considerably better friends with Geo, Zack Temple, who often colaborates with Geo, Bud Bison, now better friends with Geo, and Sonia Strumm, who became obsessed with Geo (who still loves her nonetheless).

Physical Information

During the sleep, his physical features hasn't changed much at first. He just grew a bit taller, his hair appears combed a bit different (he has probably more hair), among other slight, minor changes. But as the series progresses, he gains muscule mass due to Bud's training sessions, making Sonia more interested in Geo each time. Other than that, he hasn't changed much at all.

Psychological and Social Information

Geo Stelar becomes a bit more social, as he gets along more with his friends than before. His relations with Luna and Bud got better: Luna becomes Geo's mentor at times, while Bud doesn't bully Geo anymore. His friend Zack becomes his partner when designing new gadgets and other stuff. He is willing to help those who need it (for example, saving people in poor conditions and jobs he deems as "shame") and wants to right the world's wrongs. He is a bit more mature, more serious and more responsible, and he thinks that being a hero brings its responsibilities and benefits.

The role of Geo

He is the first Model M MegaMan, the developer of the Model M BioMetal, and the main protagonist of the series.

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