Glacier Man

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Vital statistics
Title A BIG NERD!,
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction None
Health 28
Level Hard
Status Unknown
Location Mountain

Glacier Man is a Robot Master boss in Mega Man Century.


Issac Rossum can no longer stand the heat generated by Hot Woman's dancing, so he decides to make an Ice-themed Robot Master to counter her. He does so, creating Glacier Man. It worked for some degree, generating cold temperatures and made ice blocks with Glacier Rise when Hot Woman danced, but Glacier Man really likes her dancing, which means there is never a dull moment in the Rossum residence. Outside of that, Glacier Man likes to study with Rossum, which makes the other RMs in the household call him "A BIG NERD!"

Good Point: Smart

Bad Point: Boring

Like: Hot Woman

Dislike: Sports


Just another Ice-themed RM. Does pretty much the opposite of Hot Woman, minus the dance. That means he can generate cold temperatures, enough for water, and even nitrogen, to freeze. Looks like an older Ice Man, wearing a Polar Bear fur coat. His weapon is Glacier Rise, which makes a giant rectangular-ish glacier appear from the floor. Mega Man can walk on the glacier, but it's slightly slippery.


Glacier Man is bulky, making most moves not work, but will stop whatever he's doing when Fire Dance is used. This is also his weakness. Stunning Heart also does considerable damage, but other than the female RMs and Flat Man, Glacier Man doesn't take as much damage with Stunning Heart as the other male RMs.


  • "Are you going to kill me? I don't like that."
  • "Fascinating." (When Fire Dance is used)
  • "Cool down."
  • "Yes, I am aware of my master's death. I just don't want Hot to cry. But trust me, I did not do it."


  • It seems Glacier Man has a crush on Hot Woman, as he is fascinated by her and her ability. Plus, he references her. This is similar to movies in which the main character is a nerd with a crush on the local hottie.
  • His title is a reference from Adventure Time, when Jake calls the Ice King "A BIG NERD!"

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